Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Forthcoming Events

Forthcoming Events for 2018
Sunday February 25th.
Faversham Open Junior Judo Tournament
Contact Trevor Davies

British Open 2018

Events organised by John Clarke at Sittingbourne

Sambo Training 10th Feb
Judo comp 18th March
Judo comp 13th May
Judo comp 8th July

Summer Camp 4th Aug
Instructor award for judo and Sambo on summer and Dan grading as well as kyu grading.

Judo comp 14th Oct

Southern England Sport Sambo Championship
Sittingbourne Kent
February 10th 2018
Contact john Clarke
April 14th 2018

2018 British Sport Sambo Open
Saturday April 28th 2018
Burstin Hotel
Folkestone Kent
Contact Colin Carrott

Scottish Open Sport Sambo; British Combat Sambo Championships
Dumfries Scotland
June 2nd 2018
Contact Robin Hyslop

Northwest England
Sport Sambo  Combat Sambo
June 16th 2018
Contact Adam & Sue  



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